In the current era we are witnessing the growth of the sexual entertainment industry, which continues to innovate with new sex toys and artifacts designed to give you pleasure from the comfort of your home.

The clone a willy kit are a series of tools that will serve to clone your own penis (or dildo, if you are a woman) in a matter of hours through an extremely simple process, however, you should follow clone a willy instructions to the letter get the best results. Vibrating clone a willy is used to give a customized texture to our final product and here you will learn how does a clone a willy work.

How to successfully clone a willy?

If you’re and amateur and you’re wondering how to use clone a willy you will need to clone a willy kit, the procedure is simple and anyone can follow it. If you are a woman, it is recommended that you use a dildo and if you are a man, logically you should use your penis.

These are the steps for a DIY clone a willy dildo:

-Get your penis hard

-Cut the tube the size of your penis

-Put your penis inside the tub and hold it against your body (Try to keep your penis away from the tube walls)

-Mark the spot where your penis ends

-At this mark, cut off the excess tube

-Tape around the edge of the tube

-Adjust water to 90 degrees, measure out one and three quarter cups of this water and pour it into a large mixing bowl

-Pour the clone a willy molding powder inside the bowl and start mixing with water for approximately 60 seconds

-Pour all the mixing into the molding tube

-Insert your erect penis into the tube and press it firmly against your body

-Remove your penis from the mold once it's solidified

-Let the mold dry for two hours

-Empty the two jars of liquid silicone into a clean disposable container

-Stir this mix for two minutes

-Born into the mold until it's about an inch from the top

-Take a small piece of cardboard and cut to small x on the center

-Push the vibrator through the x in the cardboard square and then put in the silicone without touching the side of the mold and let the mixture sit for 24 hours

-Carefully remove your finished replica from the mold

And.... enjoy!

If you want to know how to make a clone a willy kit all by yourself, just try to get materials that do not produce allergies or have harmful effects on your health but that can fulfill the same function of those previously exposed in the clone a willy tutorial. Alginate would make a great substitute for the molding powder.

Can the mold in clone a willy shrink?

Yes, If the mold is left empty for over a few hours, eventually it will start to shrink and we obviously don't want that because besides getting a smaller replica, it will not be the exact clone of our penis.

How to clone a willy including your balls?

There is a special edition of the clone a willy kit called “clone a willy plus balls kit” that was made for including balls. To successfully carry out the cloning of your penis including the balls you should carry out the same procedure as with the simple kit, however, the tube of this version has kind of a concave chamber in which you can rest your testicles and if you follow the steps that you already know, you will get the exact copy of your genitals.

Besides this special edition, there is also a clone a willy glow in the dark” kit that will make your cloning result glow with fluorescent colors in the dark, turning out to be a great option from an aesthetic point of view.

Is there any clone a willy porn material?

Many porn sites such as YouPorn and Pornhub have clone a willy with friends porn, showing the cloning process, the result and the premiere. These videos include sex with partners, masturbation, live broadcasts and threesomes using the dildo dildo with anal and vaginal sex. Clone a willy videos are always fun and useful to watch, specially if you’re trying to get one. There are even clone a willy tumblr channels, but no hot/hardcore content is uploaded.

Where can I buy a clone a willy kit?

There are several trusted sites where you can buy your clone a willy kit at a great price, not every popular virtual store sells this kit (Walgreens doesn’t sell clone a willy packages in their online shop) however, we recommend you to check out:

  • Clone a willy Amazon offers: You will get several purchase options for the kits, with discount codes and clone willy pictures of good quality so you can analyze the product you are going to buy. There are also clone a willy reviews from users. Clone a willy refills come with your package order.
  • Cristie’s toy box clone a willy offers: They sell all kinds of dildos and various colors of clone a willy kits, although it has higher prices than Amazon.

Hopefully these clone a willy tips will help you through your own experience and make you have fun with it. Remember to follow instructions and take the right precautions. HAVE FUN!