How to get paid for sexting?

Whether you’re lonely or just want to have a good time, Sexting Is one of the safest ways to load up on great fantasies and have a real life experience on how it feels like to be a player. Can you get paid for sexting? Absolutely! Although some individuals take this very seriously, Many Individuals use this service to have a great time, learn sexual communication skills and get paid for quality sexting work to have extra spending cash next month. The only way to be profitable in this niche is to be very friendly and have really great communication skills, so if you’re the type of person who is interactive bot in real life and on social media, this might just be the job for you.

What is Sexting?

Sexting is when an individual shares or displays extremely sensitive messages, pictures or videos that indicate interest for another individual.  There are usually sent on Smartphones, Facebook, Instagram as well as Laptops on website cam and chat sites.

How can I get paid for sexting?

Many special platforms allow you to sign up as a chat hostess regarding you’re the age 18 and above. Once you sign up on the platform or use a special app, you’ll get a list of clients who will be willing to pay to send you sexual messages. By engaging long conversations with clients and

There are many apps to get paid sexting Including:

  • Dream Lover
  • FlirtBucks
  • Lip Service
  • My Girl Fund
  • Text121Chat

The websites are suitable to:

  • Get paid for sexting online uk
  • Get paid for sexting Australia
  • Get paid for sexting Canada

These are Great services to get paid for sexting platforms pay less if the sexter isn’t from one of the countries above but they ca still have the potential to make decent income.

How to discreetly get paid for sexting

The best way to get paid without anyone figuring out your true identity or from your relatives discovering is by doing the following:

  • Fake First Name and Fake Last Name
  • Don’t sign up on sites that require Personal Identification (KYC) or Social security numbers
  • Don’t input your credit card/Bank details
  • Upload a Fake picture or don’t show your full face in your profile  
  • Use a Fake Number
  • Use a fake email

How to safely get paid for sexting

To safely get paid for sexting you will need to set up a brand new fake PayPal account so the transactions won’t leak any of your real information which can be used to track you. It’s also good practice to keep conversations on a shallow sexual level and not talk about which restaurants or shops you love visiting and how many times you get tacos in a week. Instead, use these guidelines:

  1. Only talk about his or her sexual fantasies
  2. Don’t plan to meet up with these psychos
  3. Don’t describe your surroundings or the area you’re in.
  4. Avoid exchanging your phone numbers
  5. No social media contact at all
  6. Don’t describe your physical appearance i.e Tattoos, height,
  7. Don’t talk about what you like wearing and or wearing

How can I get paid for sexting? (The process)

  1. After signing up, Click on the available clients
  2. Send 20-30 Text messages
  3. You will get paid per min i.e $0.05/min
  4. The Client rates his experience (boosts pay per min)
  5. Once minimum threshold is reached… Withdraw!!!

Is it illegal to get paid for sexting?

Although many individuals think that sexting is a form of prostitution or Illegal, It is Not! It’s clear to see why to see why sexting is frowned upon. In countries such as Australia, the users under the age of 18 cannot give consent to display their sexual behavior in the form of private messages to one another. But as long as you’re over the age of 18, you’re allowed to get involved in sexual activities freely.

Get paid for sexting in Salem, Oregon?

The best way to do is is to get a VPN such as NordVPN so your ISP doesn’t track your website activity directly in Oregon. This is because the state is so against sexting due to child pornography cases.

How much can I get paid for sexting

Sexting jobs range all the way from $0.10-$0.25 per minute that is of course by text message. The average worker can make up to $12+ dollars a day which is great considering all you’re doing is chatting with an individual. Many workers have reported of earning up to $40,000 in a year which is considered a good paying job. But don’t expect to make this right away, it usually takes up to 3 months to start seeing a salary increase. It also depends on the quality of your sexting