A fleshlight is a masturbatory aid that is designed as a vagina and is used by inserting the penis into it. Also known as a pocket pussy fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin in July 1995, who obtained a patent for the invention in 1998. It got its name because of the flesh-like material used to line the inner sleeve and the resemblance of the shape to a flashlight. The primary function of a fleshlight is pleasure, but can also be used for men who want to increase their sexual stamina and help those who suffer from premature ejaculation. Single men may find that fleshlights provide good company if they do not have a partner and married people may use them for variety. It is available for sale or can be made at home using household items.

To make a fleshlight is relatively simple and can be done using homemade items. The following methods for making fleshlights are explained below:

Method One – Towel Pussy

This method is the simplest one that is widely used by beginners and consist of a towel, latex glove, elastic bands or a belt. The following are the steps to making it:

  • First the towel, preferably a small hand towel, should be folded into quarters.
  • The latex glove should be placed on the towel with the cuff hanging off one side.
  • Roll the towel around the glove. This will take some practice, because if it is too tight the fleshlight will be difficult to penetrate and if it is too loose there will be no friction. It is recommended to roll the towel several times to find a good fit
  • When the preferred thickness is achieved, secure the towel with rubber bands or a belt to prevent the towel from unravelling.
  • Peel back the latex glove so it covers the towel edge.
  • To create or add tension, extra rubber bands and belts can be placed along the length of the towel.

Method Two – How to make a fleshlight from Pepsi can or a Pringles can

This method is suitable for those who seek to customize the inner lining texture, because the lining can easily be changed. The requirements for making fleshlight of this type include a pringles can or large Pepsi soda, two household kitchen sponges, cellotape or duct tape, latex glove, and a sharp knife. The steps involved in making this fleshlight are as follows:

  • Remove the pringles tube lid or if using the Pepsi bottle then cut off the bottom. When using a Pepsi bottle, ensure that several layers of duct tape are placed over the sharp plastic edges to avoid any cuts.
  • Make a glove sandwich with the two kitchen sponges. This is done by laying one sponge down and placing the glove on top, then placing the other sponge on top.
  • Pull the glove cuff out so that it hangs over the edge like a lettuce in a burger.
  • Push the glove sandwich inside the pringles tube or Pepsi bottle so that it is level with the opening. Ensure that there are no gaps and that the sponges are squashed together. If the sponges do not squash then it is recommended to find another container, or to just pad the current one with paper towels.
  • Pull the glove cuff apart and slip it back over the rim of the container so that the edge is completely covered and then tape it securely.
  • If a pringles tube has been used to make the fleshlight, then a small hole in the base should be cut to prevent any suction build up.

Method Three – How to make a banana fleshlight

This method is a relatively simple way of making a homemade fleshlight. The requirements for this type include aluminium foil, banana and a microwave and the steps that are involved are as follows:

  • Cut a piece of aluminium foil approximately 204mm by 254mm and this will be the cover for the fleshlight.
  • Peel the banana half way through and take the whole banana out. If there remains left in the half which has not been opened then simply scoop them out. The banana will form the inner sleeve of the fleshlight. Remember to cut off the hard stick end.
  • Place the banana in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds so it is warm but not hot. This is done to warm the outside and inside of the peel so it has a smooth texture.
  • Take the peel and lay it on the foil vertically so that the larger side of the foil forms the height and shorter side forms the width.
  • Roll the foil around the banana peel so it makes a cylindrical shape to hold the peel and seal off all openings except for the one on the top end. this topen will be the place where the penis is to be inserted. Make sure that when rolling that it is not too tight and that there is enough space to enter.