What is NHentai?

Nhentai is a website, that copies off of a very popular and well-known porn category, Hentai.  Hentai porn which, is totally legal and is shown on a various amount of websites, that are trustworthy, such as PornHub.  This new type of porn, I did a little research on.  For starters, it has been said they are ripping off porn scripts from various websites, such as PornHub.  PornHub is a tube site, where all the content on the site is free and 100% legal.  

Disturbing origins

So, I started off my research on Nhentai, and the first thing that came up on page 1 of Google, was a bit disturbing.  Firstly, at the bottom of the first page of Google, the results I received was,  "Suspected child abuse content has been removed from this page. Report child abuse content."  To me right away that raises a major red flag.  Not only because it is disturbing, but it is also completely illegal.  Underage and child abuse has no right in any kind of porn.  Secondly, my next red flag, was this, "In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at LumenDatabase.org."  So, of course, I decided to see what exactly is this complaint.  If you are unaware of what a DMCA complaint is, I will give you the definition of what it is.  When a copyright holder learns of a violation, a DMCA takedown notice is issued to the service that hosts the offending website or to the internet service provider (ISP) of the violator. Infringing material can also be removed from search results by issuing a notice to a search engine.  This means it is basically stolen content.

On this complaint, the creator of the comic and art book had their work uploaded to another site.  Thankfully DMCA laws are taken seriously.  Due to this complaint, the work that was stolen was removed from the website immediately.  However, we are learning that Nhentai, which is another word for trying to give Hentai porn another name in regards to steal Hentai content from various adult websites.  So, during my investigation of this particular rip off website, it has pop up after pop up.  Not only do they steal content, but then slam you with popups to get you to stay on their site longer.  Who knows, are these games legit?  Doubtful, because if you have no problems stealing videos for downloads, to bring tons of traffic to your site, what else are you doing wrong?

My personal theory is that if you are going to run an adult website, do it the right way.  PornHub which has been around for years also follows DMCA laws.  They by no means ever allow stolen content on their site.  However, there are too many hackers out there today.  You can get access to millions of porn videos including millions of Hentai videos for free and legally.  Not only does this Nhentai site steal others content, but they also allow their users to download this content for free.  There is a reason you can't just download this type of content for free.  I am sure you are well aware when you visit your tube sites, such as PornHub, XHamster, RedTube and many more, they allow you to use their site and watch the videos for free.  You can't just download someone else's content.  

The reason websites such as PornHub allows free content, is because most of these videos are uploaded by the owners of the content.  I am not going to say PornHub has not had pull content because of DMCA laws, they have.  But most of the content providers use PornHub to advertise their own websites or branding.  Therefore that is why webmasters, webcam models, and content partners work with PornHub.  

You can download some content on PornHub, just like any other service such as Spotify or YouTube Red, you pay for a membership and are able to legally download porn videos that are on the PornHub website.  PornHub makes it fair for all involved, including their models, partners, webmasters, free members, and premium members.  

Steer clear of Nhentai

That is why my advice to you is if you come across Nhentai, steer clear from them.  In reality, they are just thieves trying to get rich quick off of everyone else's hard work, content, and money.  Trust me it won't be long before you see this site shut down and rightfully so!  Anybody who has to steal and offer free downloads to get you to avoid legitimate websites like PornHub will not last in this industry, I can guarantee that.  

If you like porn and respect the creators, men, and women who work hard to provide you with free content, do us a favor and stay away from sites like Nhentai.net!