A sex toy is an object or device that is used to facilitate sexual pleasure. Common ones are dildos and vibrators and many of them are designed to resemble human genitals and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. Research shows that straight men orgasm 95% of the time they have sex while straight women only orgasm 65% of the time. Different websites offer free sex toys to women to decrease this orgasm gap and help women experience the joys of having an orgasm. One such website is Sexy Liberation which is encouraging women to explore their sexuality and gives away vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and more.

Other websites offer free shipping when you use their website to purchase sex toys. One sch website is Vibrators.com which has a private process of transacting business with free shipping. Any purchases from the website can be shipped within 14 days. However these offers are only available in 48 states in America. Super Spring Sale Products also give away free shipping for sex toys but they require a batch purchase to do this. They offer free shipping for the sale of 12 speed clitoris vibrators. These are made from silicone and are designed for clitoris and vagina penetration. They also offer high quality vibrating massage prostate massager. This device is also a butt plug and is excellent for anal pleasure; however a minimum of 20 orders has to be made for free shipping.

Simplipleasure.com offers a good range of sex toys that are shipped for free and these include the following:

  • Rabbit vibrators – these types are one of the most common and they consist of a clitoral stimulator and a shaft for intense blended orgasms.
  • Ben Wa balls – these are also known as Kegel balls and they are basically weighted balls meant to be worn in the vagina. They increase sexual sensation since they are typically worn for a while before penetrative sex and then taken out just prior to penetration.
  • G-spot Stimulators – for those having difficulty finding their g-spot these devices are the most suitable. They typically have a bulb-shaped head and usually is 4 inches designed specially to reach the g-spot.

Hands Free Male Sex Toys

There are many sex toys that allow hands free masturbation or prostate stimulation. Some of the best sex toys being offered are listed as follows:

Fleshlight MountsFleshlight is well known for producing some of the best male sex toys available today. To use the shower mount, unscrew the bottom part of the hardshell fleshlight and replace it with the suction cup adapter. If the user’s preference is to be in bed or on the ground the Libertor Mounts are the most suitable. This type of mount is fun to integrate whether using it alone or with a partner.

Cobra Libre 2 – this sex toy is different from the fleshlight because it is more of a penile vibrator than a traditional masturbator. With this hands-free stroker the user simply places the head of the penis in and let the intense vibrations do the work.  This product is manufactured by Fun Factory and is completely waterproof, rechargeable and feature over ten vibration patterns.

Pulse III Solo – If the user prefers a hands free sex toy that still allows stroking then the Pulse III is the most suitable. Like the Cobra it is completely waterproof and made of high grade silicone. The Pulse III also comes with five different distinct and powerful vibration patterns with nine different levels of intensity.

Hands Free Sex Toys for Women

For women that want to avoid holding onto the device or just want a hands-free sex toy that will do all the work  then the following is a list of some of the best being offered:

Suction Cup Dildos – These types of sex toys are the classic choice for hands free pleasure. It is worth noting that suction cup dildos work best on smooth surfaces like glass, metal, tiles or plastic. When applying the suction cup ensure enough force is applied to secure the dildo in place.

Vaginal Vibrator – Lovense’s lush is a popular, app controlled and powerful device that is designed to penetrate the anus and deliver pleasure all hands-free. The large end of the sex toy is the part that is to be inserted while the tail end is the antenna. To ensure the signal is uninterrupted, it is important to keep the tail end above the pubic bone at all times.

We Vibe’s Ditto Butt Plugs – for people who enjoy anal penetration this device is the most suitable for them. It can be controlled with either a wireless controller or with an app on a smartphone. The app allows the user to customize vibrations and allows the partner to control the toy from any distance.

These hands free sex toys are perfect for private or public play and suitable for long distance relationships.