We know hentai as drawings that illustrate sexual activity in manga or anime. Around the world there is a fetish for this art form that covers a considerable percentage of the population and obviously on the internet, there is no shortage of places to see it. The challenge is always to find the right page to enjoy the desired content.

Hentaigasm is the perfect place for those who are sexually turned on by anime and/or manga drawings, this site has a wide gallery of exceptional videos with any theme you can imagine, from kidnappings, school adventures, heroes and lesbianism to the whole tenthing.

As it is to expect, these videos are mostly japanese with english subs and in case you’re wondering what happened to hentaigasm dubbed videos, they’re not currently being displayed, for many hentai fans prefer watching videos with original voices. The video player is quite pleasant, if you have access to fast Internet connection, you will not have to wait a second to see it completely, the only regrettable thing is that we cannot increase or reduce the quality because it only comes in a predetermined format.

How to download videos from hentaigasm?

One does not have to register to download videos. Below the player box, you will find a download button, press it and you will open another tab in your browser with the video, click on "save as" and start downloading.

Also, you can comment on every video, rate them and interact with other viewers without being registered. Registrations are disabled in this website.

Are ads a problem?

Definitely not, there is only one ad at the right side of the page promoting random porn sites but you won’t be dealing with pop-ups

The homepage is full of new videos that are being uploaded throughout the day, in addition to the sidebar with shortcuts to search videos for titles, visits, likes, random and even comments. Many of these videos have certain blurred spots in several scenes; it is the classic censorship that distinguishes Japanese pornography.

In the section of genres you can find any type of content regardless of your inclinations, featuring the most popular videos in categories such as Bondage, demonic forces, anal, harem, incest and more. It will undoubtedly help you to make your search a little more specific.

Each video at least has a million views and hundreds of comments; certainly Hentaigasm has one of the largest communities in erotic pages in general and Hentai, turning this site into probably the best bet for this type of content online, supported by the fact that constantly new and innovative hentai tapes are seen by viewers all year long.

Is hentaigasm safe as a website?

The site itself is secure and does not present direct threats, however, if someone accesses the advertisements (which are few), the page would take them to unsecure areas where any type of virus could affect the user's computer, for example. It is advisable to stay away from these ads and keep the content shown in the interface.

Previously, Hentaigasm redirected the user by clicking on a video, which could be very annoying, until the problem was attacked and now everyone online can enjoy the material with no disturbances.

Another peculiarity of this site is that although the hentai is recognized for fragmenting into series or chapters of the same plot, Hentaigasm has complete collections of several well-known sagas, without plot interruptions and with corresponding subtitles.

In fact, the entire portal is supported by videos of complete stories tapes (which might require payment from you) that mixed together make more than 5 hours of entertainment, making the visit much more pleasant for true fans of the subject. In order of visits, the most popular videos are those whose plot is based on common social scenarios, although there is very graphic material.

Web design in this the page is very simple; it is gray with pink and very simple options. Although Hentaigasm has a very fluid platform, you cannot preview the videos that are shown and if you want to get to a specific scene you have no way to know exactly what minute it will be.

The existing videos on this website have been compiled from official websites and chains that transmit all the content that is shown, and when being downloaded and uploaded, the quality is affected although it remains quite acceptable to have such a basic player. This also meant that a lot of the material you see in Hentaigasm is paid, but here you can see it for free.

Know that any type of content poste don Hentaigasm is meant only for entertainment. This site was created in 2013 and has over 2.000 videos, also proving to be one of the most stable hentai sites in the last decade.